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Able To Holiday – Algarve, Portugal.

” We are here to help make your holiday the best ever!”

Bryn & Hazel

Our journey with accessible holidays and accommodation started over fifteen years ago with our self-catering business in Cornwall.

We accepted a booking through an agency and four days prior to the guests arrival, received a phone call.

The client was excited to be going on holiday as this was the first time the family had been able to take a holiday together.

As the discussion continued it became evident that their son was a wheelchair user, which was a surprise for us as our property was not suitable for a wheelchair user.

Rather than spoil their holiday we made some fast alterations and purchased temporary ramps, so that they could enjoy their family holiday together.

After this transformative experience we decided to go further with disabled holidays and converted the entire ground floor area, enabling any disabled person to holiday with their families, with us.

Over ten years ago we took a last-minute trip to the Algarve and loved it so much we decided to move permanently to Portugal.

We searched for a property that would enable us to offer the same in Portugal as in Cornwall.

After many trips to The Algarve, we finally found the right property in the right location…. and the accessibility focused renovations and remodelling began.

From humble beginnings, knowing nothing about the requirements and needs of the disabled, we like to think we now have a comprehensive and compassionate understanding of these needs and requirements, and will do everything we can to ensure you and your family have the best experience with us here in The Algarve of Portugal.

With Love
Hazel & Bryn