abletoholiday, lagos, Algarve, Portugal, self catering, accessible holidays for disabled people and wheelchair users Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Accommodation for the Disabled their family and carers with inclusive accessible transport and airport transfer
Terms and conditions of rental of the apartments and use of vehicles.
1. In these conditions the "Owner" means the persons who own the apartment/s. The "Guest" means the person(s) who has (have) booked the apartment/s for holiday purposes. "The Period" means the period of time agreed with the Owners for the occupancy of the apartment/s. The contract of hire is between the Guest and the Owner.
2. The apartment/s is/are to be occupied by the Guest and his/her specified party members for the holiday purposes only and the Guest acknowledges that the Tenancy granted by this contract during the period is not an assured tenancy and that no statutory periodic tenancy will arise when it ends.
3.  The Guest shall forfeit without compensation his/her right to occupy the apartment/s if:- a) person(s) or pet(s) not specified on the booking form attempt to take up occupancy  b) additional person(s) or pet(s) are entertained at the apartment/s without the express permission of the Owners  c) any activity which may cause unreasonable noise, disturbance or damage. Neither shall the Guest do or permit to be done anything which could endanger or increase the cost of the insurance policy on the apartment/s or which could make such a policy void or voidable.
4.  At the end of the period the Guest shall leave the apartment/s and its furnishings, fixtures and fittings and all other contents in the same state of repair, cleanliness and order as it was found at the commencement of the Period. Any breakages, loss or damage arising during the Period must be reported by the Guest to the Owner.
5. The Owner shall be entitled to charge for the cost of repair or replacement or to deduct such sums from any security deposit paid by the Guest. The Owner shall be entitled at anytime to enter into the apartment/s to examine its/their condition and the condition of its/their furniture, fixtures and contents.
6. While every effort is made to ensure that statements, descriptions and particulars of the apartment/s are accurate and that the apartment/s will be available for the Guest as arranged. The Owners will not be liable if the apartment/s do/does not meet the requirements of the Guest(s). Prior to concluding this contract the Guest(s) must ensure that the Villa is entirely suitable for all members of their party. 
7. All bookings must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the cost of the accommodation plus payment for any additional items such as specialist equipment hire charges. 
A booking remains ‘provisional’ until the 25% deposit and a copy of flight bookings have been received.
Once the booking has been made by the Guest they are responsible for the balance payment which shall be due 16 weeks before commencement of the Period.
Where the booking is made within 16 weeks of the commencement of the Period it must be accompanied by payment in full.
The Owner also reserves the right to request a higher deposit percentage amount at their discretion. 
8. If the Guest has to cancel his/her booking they must notify the Owner immediately. 
Cancellation after the balance payment is made at 16 weeks before the day of arrival, the Guest/s will forfeit the full amount paid.
 In any other event an amount equal to 25% of the accommodation cost will not be returnable by the Owner.
9. Prices quoted are for up to 7 persons in the three bedroom apartment, up to 4 people in the two bedroom apartment and 2 people in the studio apartment.
If the owners agree to additional people in the party there is an additional minimum charge of £100 per person per week.  
10. In the event of the apartment/s becoming unavailable due to circumstances beyond the  control of the Owner, the Owner will refund all monies paid or a proportion in case of curtailment.
11. The Owner reserves the right to alter or withdraw facilities or amenities which have been advertised or previously available without prior notice where reasonably necessary due to repairs, maintenance, weather conditions and other circumstances beyond their control.   
12. The Owner reserves the right to ask the Guest to pay a security deposit. Where a deposit
is payable the Guest will be informed by the Owner at the time of booking and the amount and procedure will be confirmed in writing.
13. In the event of there being a complaint concerning the apartment/s the matter must be taken up immediately by the Guest with the Owner. The Owner regrets that they are unable to deal with a complaint after the Guest has left the property or returned home.
14. The Guest is responsible for taking out their own holiday travel insurance.       

15.  Bookings cannot be accepted by persons under the age of 18 years.
16. Transportation to and from the airport is only available to clients of Funchal Ridge Apartments, no additional persons are to be added unless with prior agreement from the owner.
17. Space in the vehicles is strictly allocated and it is therefore not possible to transfer additional large items (eg extra wheelchair, shower chair, golf clubs) without first obtaining agreement from the owner.

​18. The heating of the swimming pool is available from the month of March to October, this may change due to unforseen weather conditions and is at the discretion of the owner. 

Terms and conditions regarding the use of courtesy vehicles:-
(a) To be clear you are not hiring any vehicle from us, we are lending them to you during your stay as a gesture of goodwill. 
(b) The vehicles are only available to people staying with us at Funchal Ridge
(c) The VW Transporter is insured third party only, for any driver minimum age 25, no maximum  age as long as the license is current and have been driving for a minimum of 5 years with a full licence. In the case of an accident the driver is responsible for any damage caused to this vehicle if it is involved in an accident caused by their own neglegance. The excess and any loss of no claims discount is also liable to the driver.
(d) The Fiat Scudo's are insured fully comprehensive for any driver over 30 years old, upto 70 years of age and must have at least 2 years full licence driving experience and no accident claim within the past 5 years.  In the case of an accident the driver is responsible for the excess and any loss of no claims discount.
(e) In order for you to borrow the vehicles we will require a copy of the allocated driver driver’s licence and passport. 
(f) Upon your arrival we will issue you with a letter of authority to use our vehicle during your stay. (only the person/s with a letter of authority from us will be permitted to drive the vehicle)
(g) The vehicles are only for use within the Algarve and are not to be taken out of Portugal.
(h) In the event of an accident the police must be called dialling 112, we should also be contacted on either 00351 915364301 or 00447977 269936. A yellow vest must be worn and a triangle placed 30 metres before the vehicle depending on the situation, (these items are supplied with the vehicle). Do not move the vehicle until the police allow you too.
(i) The motorway here (the A22) is a toll road. Tolls are electronically recorded against the vehicles, guests are responsible for these charges.
(j) It is important to remember in the event of an accident that this is not a hire/rental car and that you are only borrowing it from us, otherwise, the insurance will be invalid, and all costs of the accident will be the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle.
(k) Any driving fines or parking fines are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle.

(L) The vehicles are filled with fuel prior to airport transfer at arrival and must be refilled with fuel when we return you back to the airport for your departure.
The cost of the fuel is the responsibility of the guests.

lagos, Algarve, Portugal, self catering, accessible holidays for disabled people and wheelchair users Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Accommodation for the Disabled their family and carers with inclusive accessible transport and airport transfer